V-Twin Engine Control Module

2008 Emissions Requirement Solution

V2-ECMTM is a professional Engine Control Module
(ECM) that enables engines to operate more efficiently,
reliably and economically. Meet the 2008 EPA/CARB
emissions requirements with this low cost and durable
module. Designed to withstand the grueling
motorcycle environment, the V2-ECMTM optimizes
engine performance by measuring multiple
instantaneous events to enable real-time adjustment
of fuel and spark. Its up-integrated design reduces
size and wiring, and flash programming provides onmotorcycle
calibration update capability. Electronic
fuel injection uses sophisticated microprocessor
technology to precisely meter the optimum quality
of fuel for every situation. The result is low emissions,
smooth idling, responsive performance, reduced
maintenance and instant starts.

V2 ECM Brochure and Information.pdf